Teacher Training 2020: The process of inquiry method? If you are a teacher in a school, how will you use this method in your classroom?

Process of inquiry method:

Use of Inquiry method in Classroom:

Interpretation or understanding of question/problem.

Inquiry method is a teaching and learning method that gives priority to student’s questions. The question may be related to ideas and analysis. Inquiry method help students to lead them in critical thinking and understanding. Inquiry method helps the students to develop unique ways to solve problems.

In inquiry method the question is the most important thing. We can use inquiry method in our daily class room starting by analyzing the understanding of the question or problem. Interpretation involves description of data, making inference about the knowledge or make general statements.  As a teacher we must know how to communicate our data and interpret the data.

  • Making Conclusion

Conclusion is made on the basis of summarizing different statement. When we collect knowledge we can make a conclusion by reaching an agreement. In conclusion we look for a pattern or similar information. In conclusion, the question is devided into smaller parts. In conclusion, we can summarize the strategies that we use in teaching method.

  • Data collection.

The collection of different type of information about the same topic through various sources is data collection. Data collection is an important step as it involves collection of relevant information that can make a hypothesis reject or accept. Data collection is a time consuming task and need strong consistent efforts.  Data may be collected from a library or through internet. In data collection the teacher must remain relevant to specific problem or question.

  • Doing and reflect

It is actually performing the teaching process and implementing the strategy. This step involves reflection, which is evaluation of the process against standards. Was it reasonable and what could be done in larger context to improve the strategies. The reflection can be in action and on action. Reflection in action is the evaluation during teaching process while reflection on action is makes evaluative statement after conducting the inquiry teaching method.

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