How to Bid on a Freelance Website? A sample bid to understand the process

Bidding at Freelance website are not an easy task for the newcomers in Freelancing. Before Staring Freelancing, One must know his skills and he or she should make an attractive portfolio, might be working initially for free. You might work for free to earn some good feedback and that feedback will play the role later. Following is a sample Bid for the freelancers, so how to attract the customer (Especially designed for Creative Writers, Bloggers).

Hello Gracy,

I have read your project and it is related to my 3 year expertise in writings. I would like to offer my quality writing services for you. I will work 30 % free of cost , for you in the start and if you liked the work, then I will finish the project. If interested, please open Personal message board so we can discuss further. (You might provide some attractive offer, 30%, 50% or even less just to earn the good feedback and make a good portfolio).



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