Scientific Realism by Kant

According to Scientific realism, what science describes as universe is real although It may be interpreted by human mind in different ways. Kant view was that Scientific realism uses a scientific method, and it cannot be affected by human mind through different interpretations. He stressed on that scientific knowledge does not depend on human mind. 

  • Learning objectives

According to Kant, Human should be great thinkers. Learning must be based on reason and logic and school should produce a Class of thinkers. According to Kant, learning has following objectives.

  • Child should think on their own
  • They must work not  for reward or to avoid punishment

  • Curriculum emphasis

Kant gave great emphasis to moral education in curriculum. Curriculum is what should be taught and how should be taught i.e. strategies. According to kant, curriculum should be based on Maxims, which are universal moral laws. The curriculum must focus on the future and should be designed in way that provide moral training to the children so they should be responsible citizens, committed to their duty and loyal to their society.

  • Role of teacher

According to Kant, the role of teacher is to reform a child as sociable one based on maxims. Teacher should be standard himself and he or she should try to train the children on moral standard. The teacher should focus on teaching basic skills and mastery in different activities. The teacher should teach through not only lecturing but actual demonstration.

  • Purpose of education

According to Kant, the purpose of education is to prepare a child for the future and not for the present. That child should be a responsible citizen in the future playing role for the development of the society. School should teach maxim to the children which are moral laws and based not only reinforcement or punishment, but based on moral justification, reasoning and logic. They should be thought in way so they will be more committed to duty in the future. the education should be given to man so they respect each other and prevail peace.

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