What is Creative Thinking? and how to promote creativity in elementary level students?

Creative thinking, as its name says, thinking in creative way by a student. Creative thinking is a broader concept and can be defined in many ways.  Creative thinking is the generation of new ideas or solutions to a problem in a certain situation. Creative thinking may be using an object or skill in a different way that is more beneficial than traditional way. The important thing about creative thinking is that it is more productive than common or general thinking. Creative thinking can be applied in any situation, e.g. using troops in more effective way by an army officer, presenting a painting in more colorful way, a teacher using different teaching strategies to enhance student learning also involves creative thinking.

Methods to promote creativity in elementary level students

Following can be different methods that can promote creativity in elementary level students.

  • Through encouraging autonomy among students
  • Through Intrinsic motivation of the students
  • By producing Creative environment in school
  • Redesigning task in creative way for the students
  • Brainstorming activities in teaching methodologies.
  • Encouraging disagreements among students

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