Importance of teaching pedagogy and role of technology

Teaching pedagogy is the art of teaching, which may shows a dynamic relationship among learning, teaching and culture. Pedagogy have importance because it have not only relationship with teacher and teaching but student and learning including curriculum.  Teachers who are effective use multiple teaching strategies because there is no single, universal approach that is best for all situations. So teachers use different strategies in different combinations with different groups of students, as a result there is improvement in student learning outcomes. Teaching Pedagogy may enhance the intellectual engagement of the student by engaging them in different intellectual activities, like quiz competition etc. Teaching Pedagogy is important as a certain strategy may connect the students to a new and altered concept about the world. Teaching Pedagogy is important in the sense as it promotes the well-being of the students through supportive classroom environments. Teaching Pedagogy not only promotes the student well being but it also improves teacher own well-being leading to total school community well-being. The teaching Pedagogy is important as it tell both teacher and student that why they are being present in the school. Teaching Pedagogy plays major role in building community confidence in the quality of learning and teaching in the school.

  1. Role of technology integrated in teaching pedagogy

Technology has revived almost all aspect of life including teaching. After technology revolution, technology has affected teaching Pedagogy in great manner. In the following role of technology is discussed with respect to teaching pedagogy.

  1. By use of multimedia and other technological equipment teaching instruction has improved significantly. Through different tech gadgets a teacher can show a real time presentation of certain phenomena’s which otherwise cannot be taught.
  2. Technology integrated with teaching Pedagogy has changed the assessment strategies.
  3.   Technology integrated with teaching Pedagogy improved the professional development of the teachers.
  4. Technology provided appropriate tools, resources to improve pupil abilities to become active learners.
  5. With the help of technology it is now easy to understand complex concepts

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