Why we Fail? What is the reason behind the Failure, A case of Common Observation.

Today I was riding a bicycle; there were Yellow lines on both edges of road. The single Yellow line was not more than single feet wide. I turn my cycle toward to the yellow line and I was driving very straightly, easily and accurately. It means I could drive straight in one feet width area. But what if that yellow line, converted to a single feet wide and 10 feet high wall, I think I can’t ride and I will fell. I really astonished why?

Similar is the case in our real life, we can do many things, we have capacity, but we fail. Why because the people around us calling us consistently, “You can’t do it”. The depth along the wall repeatedly calls me, u can’t ride, and you will fall. That’s was the main reason, I was afraid of riding a cycle on a feet wide although I can, but I couldn’t.

We have capacity for doing many challenging work. We have the same capacity but situations changes, and that situation make the circumstance different.

So what to do? Practice can make a man or woman perfect, and through repetitive practice we will be able to resolve the problem when we face them.

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