Method to Check the True Love: “Is Your Love Real?”

Few days earlier, someone knocked the door,

Door Opened

It was my old friend,

He was looking Anxious and worried…

As I opened the door, He hold me tight and started crying

I took him inside

I asked What Happened??

“ Is it All OK?

“I am Fallen in Love” He Replied

”What …………….? When………….? Few days earlier there was no such a scene?”

“Love doesn’t look at time or ask permission”


“I have been fallen”

“Incident happens without asking the time or place to be happen, there is difference between LOVE and Incident, You might be in trouble not in Love” I replied.

 “Look, Love at first sight happen, aren’t ?” convincing me…

“Yeah It does Happen, but Look, It happened in Movies, Stories, where the writer  want to start and end the story as s/he want……… but in practical, Life doesn’t work in that way” I elaborated….

“Why are not you agreeing with me” His clinging reply….

“ Look, You always listen to me, so Please Listen me today as well, …….. Lets do one thing, you have heard, “Charity removes disasters, sickness and unfortunate, let’s give a small amount of charity, If It is Love, It will remain, If is incident, it will vanish”

He Left Silently……………

few days later he came again at my home, Looking very Happy with smiling face,

When I asked to “Come Inside”

He said “Let’s go outside for eating, we will eat dinner together ”

I Asked: What about the Love?

“That wasn’t Love, An incident, Forget about it”, He Replied.

Credits: “Psychologist Diary’ by Cabir Chaudry

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