Who makes us behave as males or females?

We are born as male or female babies, but we become masculine or feminine as a result of child rearing practices and socio-cultural variables. How child know that certain type of chores are related to male or female. This is all set by the society and hence differences exits in child rearing practices. Our parents and society have set Expectations of appropriate behaviour. Like cooking is the job of female hence cooking is labelled as feminine job. Although we see that many famous Chefs are Men, but still in society cooking is considered a feminine job, and this is lay down by society. Gender role expectations are very similar across societies. Accordingly we develop gender differences, male and female behave in different ways. Gender difference is actual differences between males and females in terms of average capacity, ability, or typical behaviour. While there is another term that is Gender stereotypes, “Widely held beliefs about females ’and male’s abilities, personality traits, and social behaviour in a society”. Different cultures have developed different gender stereotypes among the societies which might be very different picture than the reality. That’s why a South Asian or Middle eastern woman will behave different than the western woman.

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