How to be a better Mom? 10 Points

If You want to be a Better Mom, Then you must do following things. Below are the 10 Points to remember, how to be a better mom than others. I am writing them in points as it will be easy to remember for Moms.

  1. Plan some quality time with your kids and spouse, although Moms spend maximum time however there should be a specific time where no other activities running.
  2. Praise the kids and always taught the positive side to them.
  3. Put Your Phone Down, while dealing with kids.
  4. Don’t use labels, It will harm thier self esteem and the label will affect there mind in the future.
  5. Active Listener: Listen to your Kids actively, This will motivate Your Kids to Share their thoughts with you.
  6. Modelling: Modelling is showing and teaching something by practicing herself and then asking kids to repeat. MoM’s Should Model new behaviors which they want in there kids.
  7. Take some breaks. Take some breaks and Woman have more responsibilities and tasks to do. Maintain your mental health and don’t be burnout.
  8. Do exercise: Exercise is good for your Health, so Do exercise along with your kids.
  9. Stop Doing Multi-tasking: Doing Many Tasks at time might require great attention and might exceed then your capacity, therefore try to avoid multi-tasking.
  10. Be Confident and Talk about the tough Things: if you are confident mom, your kids will be, talk about the things others don’t. Break the social barrier and Your kids will better to understand the society around you.

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