Relationship Advice: Keep the Love Grow

If, you are a man , fallen in Love…….

Listen to whom you love….

Whenever she speaks…

Just to understand how she is going

With the sole intention of respect

And you will be surprised that

How much she loves you……….

And she will never complain

That you not listened to her

The most common complaint, a woman make about her man is that, he not listens to her. So a man should always listen his woman, carefully. A woman, by nature, will always pleased with listening, if here caregiver do so.

And, If you are a girl, in love,

Restrict yourself from giving any;

Surplus advice or criticism…..

The Man, who is your love

Will appreciate it

He will be more responsive to you

He will give more attention to you

And they will never complain,  

That you tries to change him.

The most common complaint a man make about woman is, she tries to change him. If this is your case, I will request to woman, that please know your man from their perspective. Men by nature, not like to be guided by the others. If they really need help, they will discuss with you, unless don’t give unnecessary advices.

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