I am so Lucky? Do you know how?

Below is a poem of the lovers, who describe their feeling about Love, and that’s why they consider themselves as lucky.

True and honest Love is a Gift from God and very people are blessed with true Love. If you are one of them, then pay Thanks to your God, As there are many people who are destroyed by an unhealthy relationship and bad love. If you have been lucky to find the true love, then you appreciate your partner to be part of your life. I congratulate you for finding the real and true love, May you have a Happy and healthy Life.

O my Love,

I am feeling so happy,
will you want to know, why?
Because I am so lucky,
Do you know how?
Because God Loves me,
Do you know how?
Because He gave me a gift.
Do you know what?
Its you my Love ❤


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