How to increase Views, likes, Comments and followers on your Blog?

How it would look like, that your blog have one thousands views in the first month and the other months it reaches 5 thousands and so on. Everyone one of us who write blogs either for personal reasons or freelancing, will be motivated when someone other reads, likes or leave a comment on the blog post. It is a source of motivation to write more for the personal reasons and a source of monetization for the freelancers. Following are the few points but not limited that would necessary to increase your followers and visitors.

  • Give a catchy title to your blog post:  I have seen many bloggers who publish great posts however they give little attention to the title. Your title of the post is the one thing which is seen by both, your readers and non-readers. If your title is catchy, certainly your blog posts will have more views. A catchy title might be an interesting question, an attracting statement or anything that people will become curious about..  First write your blog post, and then stop for a while, thinking about what should be the accurate title for your blog post, So it will attract more people?  
  • Sharing blog on social media sites: provides the opportunity to share your blog directly on 5 plate forms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler and WordPress itself. If you have account on these social media platforms and you have connected your accounts to, social media accounts will publish your blog automatically, increasing your viewership. (Note: If you don’t know how to connect your blog to social sites, please make a comment, I will guide you accordingly)
  • Increasing your Followers: If you are a newbie in blogging on, you might have quit interest in increasing your followers. followers are a source of direct motivation for us as they can like, comment and share your blog posts directly.  If you are blogging on a certain niche i.e. poetry, education, love etc then you must develop a community around you who are blogging on the same topic. When you read blogs of another blogger from the same topic which you are blogging, these things could happen;
  •  Reading blogs will increase your knowledge and it might provide new ideas for your blog
  • When you will like the blog post or make a comment, the author will reply you, this will create a conservation. This happened many times with me, when I read someone others blog, like or make a comment, they also visit my blog site and make the same action.
  • Read the new bloggers: New bloggers have a great interest to increase their followers. So when you will read them, like or making comment on their post, they start following you. I experienced This thing personally.
  • Post your blogs on accurate time: I have seen many bloggers, who post a lot of things however they don’t know the exact time when to post it. If you have written a blog, save it in the drafts and publish on the times between 6pm-12 pm or at a time that are more suitable for your readers. This time can be different for different countries. You will get experience, once you start blogging, and you will come to know that accurate time, when there are more viewers of your blog post?
  • Blog regularly: You should publish blog posts regularly; either it should be a small paragraph or two to three sentences. 

Although there are many other things which will increase your viewership, however these were the points which worked for me.

Which of the above point was more interesting for you? Please leave a comment, thank you for reading…



  1. I have read this article before through my email but re-reading it now made me realise the importance of having a catchy title and posting at appropriate times. Thanks for sharing this information for new bloggers like me.

    By the way I nominated your blog for The MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD. If you are interested in participating check the post on my blog and pass the message to other bloggers. It is a means of recognising and appreciating bloggers out there. This is the link:


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