How the Covid-19 Pandemic Happened?

Guest Post by: Hira Shiekh, Psychologist and Writer

This is the scenario of the mightiest kingdom, the Lord of all, who created the whole universe. A meeting was called here today on an emergency basis due to delegations from all creatures. The delegations included animals, birds, insects, mountains, wind, and some sighs and cries from some weak and helpless human beings.
The reason was that the world was sent by the Lord to set limits and restrictions for all His creatures. News of disobedience was reaching the Lord. The mighty Lord, in turn, heard the sighs and groans of everyone, the gist of which was that everything from the bloodthirsty beasts of the forest to the objects made by the owner were living within their limits.
“This creature of yours has reached our homes, that is, the forests. He has beaten us and made us an adornment of the walls of his houses. In other words, he has imprisoned us and entertained us with some of his dumb experiences. It has exceeded its limits to such an extent that it has poisoned the air in which we breathe, and it has uprooted the mountains from their places in order to cause destruction on all sides. And it is foolish to think that he is making a living for himself.

There was a lot of noise. Someone was trying to force his way into the meeting. The angels were trying to stop him.
The Lord ordered that he be allowed to come
There was no one else coming but the devil!
Everyone wonders who else is here and why?

“O Lord, indeed, You are Able to do all things. I promised you that I would wander this creature of yours (man) till the Day of Resurrection and of course with this intention I spread in your world with my disciples and but what do I see that this servant of yours has lost his conscience? He who has sent down to you the Book of your guidance has forgotten him. The human has fallen so low in moral values that I no longer need to stray from him.
They are cutting each other’s throats in your world. They do not raise their voice against oppression, but they have completely forgotten your command.
If there is any evil in your world at this time, it is man himself
O Master, when I see man beyond his limits, I am frightened at the thought of your wrath and mourn this open ignorance of man !!
The Mighty Lord listened to this incident very carefully and after a decision this meeting was adjourned!

Breaking News:
Due to Corona virus COVID19, Countries are currently being locked down all over the world. Due to this lockdown, where human mobility has been restricted, there is a dramatic reduction in air pollution. That’s where the ozone layer begins to improve. Experts say it will recover 100 percent in a short time. And the audience should spend as much time with their quarantine as possible and with their loved ones.

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