The best apology in a relationship

 Apology can be divided to Three different parts.

I am sorry:

This is the most common type of apology used on daily basis by us. It is a part of apology but it is incomplete. The upset one might created certain negative emotion in his or her mind so this simple type of apology will not work to erase that emotions.

I am sorry, It’s my fault:

This is the advance part or type of apology and it is better than previous one. This type of apology can significantly help in a relationship in retaining. Although this type of apology might erase the negative emotions from the angry person but there is another type of apology, which work best in healthy relationships.

I am sorry, it was my fault, how can I do to get it right:

This 3rd part of the apology is the most neglected one in our relationships. With this type of apology, relationship will grow and enriched with passage of time.

Remember, we have to live the life once, and the time cannot be reversed. So whenever there is a misunderstanding in relationship rectify it through active listening and by saying “I am sorry, it was my fault, how can I do to get it right”.

We as a human are subjected to commit mistakes and these mistakes can happen either due to misunderstanding or unintentionally in a loving relationship. An apology is the best thing apart from other many to repair the relationship and save it from trouble. Remember, fights never help a relationship to grow and we have to deal the relationship with mutual understandings and by making apologies. In the bad times, one might think that I am right and the other partner is wrong, but this approach will not work. If we surrender in a relationship to save it, which is not a failure, it is actually accomplishment.   

Published on thinking broadly on 20-07-2020


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