How to stay Happy?

There could be different ways of staying happy in our lives but, here, i am going to talk an easy way, and that is “Letting go of the things make you Sad”. These can be people, past events or activities that make you sad. Remember life is too short, and if someone living it sadly, it would be quite unfortunate. But, let me tell you how to get rid of the things that make you Sad…..

First of all, you need too identify those things, if possible then make a list of it, Write down name of people who make you sad, make a list of the past unfortunate events that you sad. Make a list of activities, that might be stressful.

One thing to remember, we should not justify these things, that bring sadness to our life. Don’t make excuses to repeat the activities, or connect with the people that make your life hell.

Found the positive people in your life and replace with the people in the list you make before. Remember, it’s not a Single day task to it might took more than a year to do that. Always focus on Quality of your connections instead the number of connections. Find the right people that make you happy and tell them, that they are important for you.

Religion is one of the best things which provides us hope and see things in a different perspective. Please pray and make happy your inner self through religious activities. You might pray for strength and the reason to stay happy in life.

Finally, find positive ways to fill the gap and make your time more productive, once you left the activities that make you sad.

Stay happy, Stay safe….


  1. Very motivating perspective and mothering the notion how to pave the ways of mental territory to extract positivity out of any articulated chunk, symbol, intangible material and societal norms existing in social milieus.

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