9 Benefits of rejection that prove it is the most powerful motivation

Did you rejected by anyone at your workplace or rejected by some close one in your personal life?
We are living in a world full of diversity and we might face rejection at job, on a specific task or even in personal life. The rejection in personal life is the most hurting one. REJECTION is undesirable and unfortunate yet it is important in life to grow. Following are the 9 benefits of rejection that prove that Rejection is not a failure and it’s a source of motivation for the people who think broadly.

  1. Rejection motivates us to do better

Rejection is a source of motivation for us. If an individual is rejected by someone in his or her personal life, he or she needs to re-evaluate the relationship. A rejected person is more motivated to do better in future to avoid being rejected. If a person is rejected at workplace, he or she will try to do better than the previous chance and eventually it will improve skills and expertise.

2. Rejection remind us that we are human and we have certain type of limitations

As a human, we have certain limitations. We can’t learn new skills abruptly and we are expected to commit mistakes at a workplace. In relationship, rejection is heartbreaking, but it also reminds us that we cannot live with every person we want to live.   

3. Rejection build patience

Rejection builds patience in humans, as we come to know that we cannot achieve everything abruptly and we have to wait for certain time.

4.Rejection provide us strength

Rejection provides us the opportunity to become stronger. Strength comes with facing difficult time and bearing the hurt given by the rejection. Strong people have the ability to accept failure and they know that failure provide them more experience and strength to bear the hurt.

5. Rejection help us to re-evaluate our goals and mission

Setting goals is very important to achieve success in organizational life. If someone hasn’t set proper goals, he or she might face rejection at the work place. Accordingly, rejected person will need to re-evaluate his or her goals to achieve success.   

6. Rejection might help in exploring new paths

We might choose a wrong path to reach a certain point and choosing the wrong path might lead to rejection.

7. Rejection provides us opportunities for change and growth

Rejection provides us the opportunity to change our habits and grow in life.

8. Rejection tells us to re-evaluate ourselves

Rejection provides the opportunity to re-evaluate ourselves and make ourselves better in the relationship or at a work place.

9. Rejection guides us to change looking at the things previously: we might compel to look thing differently and in a new way.

Finally, we can conclude that rejection is not bad people perceive and it provide us the opportunity to mold our personality and positive growth in life.


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