5 things that promote Positive communication in Families

1. Listen to each others, with respect

In this era of technology, People have little time to listen to others. People in the same room might be socially connected with thousand miles distant person through a mobile app, but they might not able to notice the feeling and emotions of a room mate, residing in their room. We need to listen each and every family member with care and respect. Positive communication in families need active listening. We must listen actively our elders and younger ones.

2. Be interactive and show interest

Positive communication in families need elders and experienced one to be interactive. Seniors must show interest in conversations with the juniors so the young lot don’t lose heart. If a younger one know that his parents take interest in his conversation. When both sides in a conversation are active and show interest, the communication will be healthy as well as building the trust among the family members.

3. Don’t jump to conclusion

One of the worst thing in communication is, jumping to conclusion. Jumping to conclusion shows immaturity and the opposite side might perceive of someone is not listening. This need patience.

4. Understand other point of view

In Family conversation it is more important to respect opposite point of view instead of focusing in right or wrong. Everybody consider themselves as right in their perspective. So understanding others point of view is more important than proving Right or Wrong. Accordingly avoid from wrong or right discussion.

5. Avoid unnecessary criticism

Positive criticism is good for communication in families and it is the beauty of conversation , however, the intent must be made public that one is not criticizing someone for disliking. Unnecessary criticism, which have negative consequences must be avoided.



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