5 types of abuse, You might face in your Daily life.

You might face different type of abuse in your daily life, in a work setting, in a school or college or even at home, however you might be unaware of some or all of that.

  1. Physical abuse

This is the most recognizable form of abuse and it involve use of force. It may cause injury to a person. This form of abuse is mostly reported and we can see and read about the abusive cases through electronic media.  

2. Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse involves destruction of self worth. It might be persistent insult, humiliation or criticism from peers or family members. This type of abuse is very common in unhealthy relationships. Emotional abuse is mostly combined with other type of abuses.

3. Sexual abuse

This can include an unwelcome touch and reproductive co-ercion, an unwanted sexual activity where victim not able to give consent. Extreme form of sexual abuse is Rape which involves physical abuse, use of force to compel others. The victim of sexual abuse can react after with Shock, anxiety, disbelief.  Recently this form of abuse is highlighted globally through “ME TOO” movement.

4. Financial abuse

It is the least obvious type of abuse. Financial abuse can take many forms. It is extremely common when there is a joint account.  This type of abuse involves restricting one’s ability to get hold of, use and maintain financial resources.

A common form of financial abuse is preventing women from working outside home to earn some money.

5. Psychological abuse.

Psychological abuse includes intimidating, threatening or fear causing behaviors. Psychological abuse can include a wide variety of behavior. Psychological abuse is also called mental abuse. Emotional abuse can be considered as a subtype of psychological abuse as psychological abuse is a broader concept than emotional abuse. Psychological abuse is painful and stressing and might lead to somatic symptoms like, restlessness, sleeplessness, high heart beats and blood pressure etc.  

Do you faced any type of abuse in your life and want to share? Please, Share Your experience in comments.


One comment

  1. As a 55 year young woman I still suffer the consequences of emotional and psychological abuse done to me by my narcissistic mother. It only stopped when I broke off contact with her in 2013.
    Although I know with my brains I am worthy to feel what I feel. To like what I like and to do what I do… After being abused for almost 50 years it is hard to believe it in my heart…


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