Welcome to Thinking Broadly Blog, I welcome your from the core of my heart. You are most important for me, As you will visit, I will write. You are my source of motivation for me. I will try my best to write with pure heart. You are suggested to kindly point out any discrepancy while reading. I am a new comer to this world so would be quite happy to receive feedback from you in form of comments and Likes.

My name is Xaman Calid, 31 year Old male, recently done my post graduate in Psychology. During the entire course work, Positive Psychology was my most favorite subject. I have interest in content writing but causally used the online platform. Now I am going to build this blog site one of the most favorite throughout the world, and i know i’ll took time. Things did not happens suddenly and if someone has a goal it need hard work, passion and quality time. I started this blog for freelancing, and although I am earning a handsome amount through the local job, the earned money from this blog site will be spent on poor. Charity is something, which bring utmost satisfaction to me, and I feel pleasure by helping someone other.

Here, if you are reading the this page, and you are new in blogging and want guidance, i am available here for you. Just go to the contact page and say “Hi”. It doesn’t matter for me, to which country you belong, and I will be happy, if i make some quality friends from around the globe.

Initially I started my Blog to write on psychology and Education, however my mind changed as the reader liked the poetry part. I am not a Poet and I will write lines, whatever comes to mind. I don’t even know the A,B,C of Poetry, so Apologies for that. After 02 months, I came to know that shorter posts are unhealthy for SEO and search engine might treat it as spam. So again, from July, 2020 onward I am starting lengthy post, descriptive in nature.

Again, Thanks and welcome for visiting my Blog, Wishing World to be amongst peaceful plant of the universe.