Difference between Liking and Loving

Liking and loving is different from one another. If you like something, it doesn’t meant that you Love it. However, if you love someone, it means you are doing more than Liking, In this Post, Loving and Liking are being differentiated through a quote from buddha. You might be from a different religion, however you will agree to his quote about liking and Loving.

The difference between

I LIKE you


I LOVE you…..

Beautifully answered by Buddha:

When you like flower, you just pluck it,

But when you love it, you water it Daily….

One who understands this, understand life…


From the above quotation, we can reach the conclusion that Love need more patience and sacrifice. In love, you care others, even they might harm you, but when you Love someone, you see things with a different lense. Loving means building a strong quality relationship which grows over passage of time.

In love, you might bear sadness and loniliness for a shorter time, but you have to wait for the time, that your love will flourish again. REMEMBER, break up, is never easy and it breaks humans into peices and it will not be easy to recover from the sad state. Respect your partner and respect the difference if you have, accept each other limitations. You have to think broadly to save your love and relationship in a tougher time.

Wish you all a happy and Loving life.

Keep visiting Thinking broadly.



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