9 Highly disappointing situations

Following are one of the most disappointing situations in our life. Remember the last one is funny one.

1. When one of your friend weds your lover πŸ˜₯

2. When your close friend avoids you but without reason. ;(

3. 10 marks question asked for 2 mark..!

4. Principal sitting near you on tour..!!Β 

5. Extremely good looking guy/girl crossing you when you are with your mom/dad..!!Β hahaha, this one is for adolescents πŸ™‚

6. Teachers distributing your test papers in front of your juniors..!!:

7. Friend calling on birthday and not wishing..!!

8. Your Love suddenly stopped messaging..!!

9. Leaving this blog post without liking it too..!!

Please, leave a comment, and tell which is the most disappointing according to yours??



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