LEADERSHIP STYLE IN SOUTH ASIAN COUNTRIES: Which leadership style is usually seen in South Asian countries? Justification with some practical examples

  1. Politics.

In south Asian countries, most of the time authoritarian style of leadership is usually seen. In case of politics, we see that generally political parties are run by single person and the party chairman or president is the solely head of the party. Although followers participate in their part meetings but they do whatever their party chairman order and what the chairman/women perceive right. They might participate in party meetings to receive the recognition from their party head. However it doesn’t mean that all parties run on authoritarian style, there are some political parties which incorporate democratic and lessiase-faire style.

  • Media

 In electronic media sector, authoritarian style is visible, for example if a media channel owner wants to go against government, the whole media team is engaged in that activities. Same is the case if a media channel owner wants to go in favour of government. On the other hand, in military, authoritarian style is practiced globally and one cannot deny that.   In war like situation, military leader have to take immediate decision to take control of law and order in the country.

  • Other Organizations

Other organizations might practice the leadership style, whatever suitable for them. 

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