Rare mental disorder: A person begin to think of himself or herself as an animal

In Belgium,  Gasthuisberg,  a fifty four years old woman was brought to a hospital, who was not only making chicken like noises but When the doctors asked her who she was??

 She said: “I’m a chicken!” I am a chicken!

Fortunately, after a while, she started having severe tremors and fainted, when she regained consciousness, she was completely normal, but she did not remember at all that during the last few hours, she was feeling like a hen and was also acting like a hen.

Experts at the University of Lyon conducted a thorough investigation but found no evidence that the woman had used drugs, drunk or smoked in the past. In addition, no one in his family had a mental illness.

A very rare type of mental disorder, in which a person begin to think of himself as an animal is called Zoanthropy. From 1850 to 2012, only 56 cases of this mental illness were reported, while Belgium is the 57th case in this regard.

There no known causes for the happening of Zoanthropy. It is reported that this mental disorder although rare but it attacked suddenly.

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