10 Mistakes I commit in Blogging, you should avoid

I started my blog in April 2020 on wordpreess.com named “Thinking Broadly”. As I started Blogging, My expectations were;

  • There will be thousands of readers who will read my posts
  • I will earn some amount of money through placing ads

However, it happened opposite. There is no such thing in blogging, which happens overnight. I spend 76 US Dollar to buy a premium package on wordpress.com and it all goes in vain. 76 US Dollars are too much for a newbie. One can feed whole family consisting 4 to 5 members feed for a month in developing countries.  What was wrong with me to start blogging?

Improper Niche

Niche is the certain topic, on which you want to write. As a beginner, I think of a large site, covering too many topics, i.e. Psychology, Education, Poetry etc.  However it is impossible for newbie’s to write on such a large scale. If you have a niche then you are lucky

Choosing the WordPress.com

WordPress.com is good for new bloggers, as it provides a free platform to start your blogging. However, there are certain restrictions, which will hinder your learning. After 8 months I started another blog site with Real WordPress that is WordPress.org. I first learn WordPress through a course on youtube and then I started my new blog.

WordPress.org is cheaper than WordPress.com. I spend 96 dollars to gain a premium package for one year on wordpress.com. I bought a domain and hosting for 96 US Dollars for three years. The domain is free for the first year, and I will spend just 24 dollars for the next two years.

In WordPress.org, you can install and work with different plugins. The plugin can increase your Blogging practice.

SEO Plugin: I installed this plugin and it tells me what is wrong with my blog post. With the SEO Plugin, I have improved my writing significantly in just one month. As you write, This plugin will highlight your writing, where you made mistakes. Accordingly, you can write an SEO Optimized post by yourself.

I have installed different plugins on my new blog site; which help me to create a discussion board, Running News tickers, Chatroom, and a Job board, where I place local jobs.

If you have a good niche, I will advise to move your blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. You will be flexible and will learn more.

inconsistent in writing posts

If you want to become a blogger, you need to be consistent. Blogging can help you to earn money after one or two years. So many bloggers start and leave in the first six months, unfortunately.

Posting blog links at inappropriate places

As I started my blog, I started to paste different links of my blog posts on different Facebook comments. What happened? Facebook block my blog link. I can never pot on Facebook with my blog links.  

Conclusion:    You cannot earn through blogging over a night and you have to wait for a year or two. You need be to consistent with your writing posts. If you want to be popular through blogging or want to choose blogging as your career, then you should purchase a domain and hosting and start your blog on wordpress.org.

Now I have learned WordPress.org.  I can install wordpress.org and customize a WordPress site.

If you need any help regarding blogging, You should contact me:

  • I can help you in building a fully customized website
  • I can help you in writing SEO Optimized blog posts.
  • I can help you with how to move your blog from .com to .org.

You can contact me through E-mail: Personapsychologist@gmail.com


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